About Me!

Hi Everyone, I'm Sydney!

I grew up in Upstate New York as the oldest daughter in a homeschooling family of four girls. My hobbies growing up included piano, gymnastics, and competitive debate. I graduated my family's homeschool program in 2018 and began my bachelor's in biology at Cornell University that fall. My time at Cornell was challenging but filled with amazing research and teaching experiences. I was especially grateful for the opportunities I had to design and restructure the General Chemistry 1 (Chem 2070) course to make it more accessible to our diverse student body. I graduated Cornell in May 2022 and started medical school in the same year. Throughout my academic journey, I have maintained my commitment to mentoring other students and giving back to my community. My career interests currently include ophthalmology and dermatology. When I'm not in the classroom, I can be found volunteering with one of my school's free clinics, training for an upcoming gymnastics competition or race, or driving home to visit my family. 

My Path to Medicine!

Fun fact: I didn't know that I actually wanted to become a physician until I was in college. I was able to gain experience shadowing and volunteering during my freshman and sophomore years of college, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and this helped me to confirm that being a doctor was for me. 

I took the MCAT during my Winter Break of my junior year after studying part-time for 7 months. A few months later, I submitted my primary application to 30 MD programs. I ended up receiving 24 interviews and 13 acceptances. I am currently attending a top medical school on scholarship and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity. 

Click here to read my med school personal statement!

My Journey Through Social Media!

I started my Instagram account, BecomingDrDeVore, one July day during the 2020 Pandemic lockdowns. I was just starting to study for the MCAT and I hoped to keep myself accountable for keeping to my study routine by posting regular updates.  Afterwards, I began sharing tips on how I achieved my score, along with general premed advice. Fast forward two years later and my account has gained thousands of followers. I have additionally had the privilege of partnering with some amazing brands in the healthcare niche, including MedSchoolCoach, MappdApp, Picmonic, Dansko, Boards & Beyond, Advanced eClinical Training and more.

On my account today, I enjoy sharing advice on all aspects of the premed world, from course selection and study tips, to advice on writing a compelling personal statement and med school application. I also enjoy sharing insights of my life as a medical student, athlete, researcher, and content creator. Be sure to follow me at @becomingdrdevore on both Instagram and TikTok for more!

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